New Cedar Park Senior Living Community

Posted by Ingrid Evens on October 31, 2016 at 3:23 pm


A new senior-living apartment community has broken ground in Cedar Park near Lakeline Mall, the Austin Business Journal reports.  

The community will be for those 55 and older and will have 184 units when it opens next summer.  Located about three miles north of Lakeline Mall, the community will also have a resort style pool, a fitness center, a coffee and wine bar, an elevator and a huge clubhouse.

Solea Cedar Park will have one and two bedroom units ranging from 653 to 1,294 square feet and will comprise 7.5 acres of a 32 acre planned unit development that will include lots of retail.  It will also have walking trails and park space, as well as connecting to nearby existing municipal trails.  

Cedar Park is growing fast and is popular with those looking for more affordable housing that’s still close to Austin.  If you’re ready to call this highly regarded suburb home, give Austin Apartments Now a call today at 512-258-8224 and we’ll help you find the perfect apartment!  

Austin’s Population Forecast for 2040

Posted by Ingrid Evens on October 21, 2016 at 12:49 pm


The Austin Business Journal looked at 2040 population projections for the biggest cities in Texas and found that Austin-Round Rock, which is currently ranked the fourth biggest city in Texas by population, will be the 3rd largest by 2040.

The population of Austin-Round Rock in 2015 was 2,000,860 and the population in 2040 is projected to be 3,971,820, which is a 98.5% change.  Austin will be beat by Houston, which will move from number two to the top spot, and Dallas-Fort Worth, which will drop from Number 1 to number two according to the forecasts.

The forecast for Austin’s meteoric increase in population makes it the fastest growth of any large city in the country.

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Austin-San Antonio Poised to Become Next Great Metropolis

Posted by Ingrid Evens on October 14, 2016 at 9:27 am


The corridor between Austin and San Antonio is poised to become the next great American Metropolis, Forbes hypothesizes.  

Austin has been among the top two or three fastest growing cities for jobs for basically every year Forbes has compiled such statistics.  Texas Monthly calls it “the land of the perpetual boom”.  The Austin area has seen employment grow 52.3%, 15 percentage points higher than Houston or Dallas-Fort Worth, since 2000.

Austin’s job growth has been triple that of New York City, quadruple San Francisco’s, five times the job growth of Los Angeles and ten times the growth of Chicago.  That job growth has been high quality, too.  Austin has seen a 35% increase in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) positions.  The US has only seem a 10% growth in those fields.  San Francisco, long considered the tech mecca, only saw a 26% increase.  However they both trounce New York and LA, where STEM field jobs increased just 2%.

Business Services, the largest highest paying job category in the US, has seen an increase of 87% in Austin since 2001, the largest in Texas.

All that job growth is attracting people at a rapidly increasing rate.  Since 2000, Austin’s population grew 60%, faster than any other U.S. metro area with more than a million residents.  That’s double the growth of Atlanta, triple the growth of Portland, six times the growth of San Francisco and San Jose, and Los Angeles or New York.  Most of the population increase is coming from people moving here, and most are coming from California, the Northeast and Florida.

Everyone’s heard the miracle story that is Austin, but many don’t know that San Antonio has been seeing a ton of growth as well.  San Antonio has seen job growth of 31.1% since 2000 and growth of 29% in STEM jobs since 2001.  San Antonio’s STEM job growth is higher than any other Texas city other than Austin and is triple the growth for the US.  San Antonio has also seen a lot of people moving there, second only to Austin in the state.

San Marcos is benefitting from all of this growth as well, becoming a great home base for those looking to commute to San Antonio or Austin.  However, local jobs are plentiful in San Marcos as well.  Hays and Comal counties have seen their job growth rate increase by 37%, which even tops Austin.

Watch for Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio to become the next corridor like Dallas-Fort Worth.  Luckily for you, we can help you find great apartments in Austin, and know other experienced apartment locators we can refer you to in San Marcos and San Antonio.  So no matter where you decide to live, we’ve got you covered.  Give Apartments Now a call today at 512-258-8224 and leave the apartment hunt to us!  


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