Three Colors That Will Help Brighten Up A Small Bathroom

Posted by Ingrid Evens on November 30, 2015 at 6:02 pm

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Did you know, that the colors you choose for decorating your apartment can change the way you feel when you are home? Even if the apartment is small or has poor lighting? In the article below we talk about three color choices for your bathroom that can give a small, dark space the illusion of being bigger and brighter.


White accessories – This might seem like an obvious color choice to get your place looking brighter, crisper and cleaner. Surprisingly though, many people go with darker colors such as brown, black, and green when it comes to shower curtains, soap dispensers, trash bins etc. Try going with lighter colors such as white, light grey or light beige and see how it transforms things.

Sky blue accent wall – An accent wall in a small bathroom can give the appearance that the bathroom is larger than it really is. Make that accent wall a pale blue and you now have a bathroom that not only looks larger but sunny as well. Disclaimer: Make sure you double check with your apartment office before painting any of the walls.

Blush and gold combo – The color combination of blush and gold can give a calming effect and make a bathroom look more open and spacious. If you have a small window in your bathroom, the light coming in will hit these colors just right. Happy decorating.

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Three Tips For Keeping Your Apartment Clean And Your Life More Productive

Posted by Ingrid Evens on November 17, 2015 at 5:35 pm

AN_org_blogpostLike so many things, living in an apartment can be beneficial to your life, and yet challenging at the same time. One of these challenges can be keeping your place clean and organized. A cluttered and dirty apartment can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed that can in turn make home life feel unproductive. Below, we list three things that will help you get your apartment in order, and will assist you in keeping it that way.

1. Schedule your day on your phone – The Calendar Alarm app allows you to make a schedule where you will be notified on each to-do with an alarm. We all lead busy lives, and usually juggle a variety of tasks that can range from our careers, education, kids, and home duties. So, the best way to make sure you are getting to everything that needs to get done in your day is to schedule it. Challenge yourself to keep a schedule for one week, and you will see how much more organized and productive your days are.

2. Hang a large wall calendar in your kitchen – This calendar can be a tangible solution to you keeping your place clean. Write down a chore for each day of the week and hang it in your kitchen so you are sure to see it. Then, check off the chore as you get it done. One chore a day can prevent them from adding up, which means you get back your precious weekends. What’s more, is that you will be surprised to learn that it will only take you 10 minutes to clean your bathroom, now that you’re staying on top of it.

3. Wash one load of laundry a day – Whether you are washing laundry for a family of four, or just for yourself, it can surprisingly add up. Most people find themselves having to dedicate a whole day out of the week just to get their laundry done. Something that will save your time and sanity is to try and wash one load of laundry a day. Consciously mix tasks, such as going to the kitchen bringing a load with you en route. This will save time prevent you from having to add a separate designated time slot for doing laundry.

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11.11 industry ANThe Austin rental market offers a variety of apartments ranging from luxury to affordable; all of which play a part in housing the 885,400 Austinites and the hundreds of newcomers that flood into the city every year. As luxury apartments continue increase their rents, the question remains how high can they rise before they price themselves out of the Austin rental market?

The answer seems to be pretty high!  Austin’s Central Business District had little trouble filling their highest priced, newly-built units. These luxury apartments have seen an 11% increase in occupancy rates even with the price of rent going up, ending the summer with a 71% occupancy rate over all.

Austin’s northeast region had the most notable increase in luxury apartment rents at a whopping 6% last quarter, and yet still managed to see a rise in their occupancy rates of 10%. In contrast, central east Austin saw a loss in occupancy rates over the summer for luxury units built in the last 24 months. Even with a slight decrease in rents, occupancy rates were down 6%.

Overall Austin’s luxury units have been able to justify a rise in rent of 1.7% over the last quarter while still seeing an increase in occupancy rates of 3%. Do you think the last quarter of the year will do as well for these luxury units, or will there be a drop in occupancy rates relative to increasingly higher rent? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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Can the right lighting really transform your home?

Posted by Ingrid Evens on November 3, 2015 at 4:58 pm


If you are living in an apartment, you have probably caught yourself saying a time or two: “I wish this place had more light.” Good lighting can transform a small and crowded space into a relaxing and home like environment. But how can you achieve the right lighting in a rental property? Below is a list of our favorite lighting appliances that can be purchased in many different designs and shapes to help brighten up your home.

1. A light pendant can be hung individually, or combined in pairs of two or four of varying lengths, and placed in darker corners. You can also place them over a dining room table or a kitchen island for a brighter dining room or kitchen.

2. Wall lamps can be hung on the wall just like a picture frame, and they are perfect for those places in your home where there isn’t much natural light. Pick a pattern for the lamps, install, and enjoy!

Check out this video here on how to install wall lamps!

3. Floor lamps actually come in a huge variety of designs with options for the rod to be curved to fit over the shape of a couch or armchair. This is a great option for those evenings where you want to read without turning on the overhead lights.

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