Despite Recent Rain, Lake Travis Still Needs More Water

Posted by admin on June 19, 2015 at 1:28 pm

Austin and the surrounding area has had a very rainy Spring, but it’s only helped Lake Travis and the other Highland Lakes a little bit, Community Impact reports.

The level in Lake Travis has gone up 18″ since the beginning of May, according to the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).  Their data shows that some parts of the Lake Travis watershed, which feeds the lake, getting as much as 5 inches of rain in the past two weeks.  Parts of #Austin have gotten almost 8 inches in that same time.

Lake Travis neared 40 percent capacity May 15th, or 631 feet mean sea level (msl).  While this is an increase of 7.68 feet msl over the beginning of 2015 and 5.52 feet msl over a year ago, it still leaves the lake almost 40 feet msl below the historical May average.  

The last time lake levels were this high was May 2012.  The hope is that with the additional thunderstorms forecast for this week, there will be greater runoff into the lakes because the soil is saturated.  

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When you move into your first #apartment, odds are you will be so excited you’ll want to go out and fill the whole thing at once.  Of course, you probably won’t have the funds to do that right away, so read on for Apartment Therapy’s tips on what to buy now and what to get later.

No one wants to have a bad night’s sleep, so spring for a decent mattress as soon as you can.  Second to that is a couch.  A bed frame to put that mattress on is third in line.  

On to the kitchen, you’ll need cookware so you can eat.  Find out how to outfit your kitchen for less than $200 or see if family or friends will pass on their old stuff because they’re upgrading.  You’ll also need glasses and plates, which luckily can usually be had for not too much money (IKEA anyone?).  

Other buy now items:  window treatments (so the whole neighborhood can’t see into your home), A desk and comfortable chair (if you work from home), and decent lighting.

Now on to the things you can wait a while on, the first of which is side tables.  Sure, they’re useful, but compared to the above items, you can definitely live without them.  An old roommate of mine refused to unpack all her boxes, so I just threw a blanket over the remaining box that had been in the living room for weeks and turned it into a side table.  That’s the way it stayed for the entire year we lived there.

A headboard is unnecessary to a good night’s sleep, and rugs, while pretty and nice underfoot, are not a must-have.  Art is another “it can wait” item.  Or you could lurk around your alma mater for those cheap poster sales they have every semester. 

You don’t have to throw the perfect dinner party anytime soon, so wait on the serving dishes and dining table and chairs.  Friends will understand eating on the couch or even on the floor.  Try an “indoor picnic” dinner party, it could be fun!

Finally, purchasing storage like media centers, dressers, etc can be put off.  Boxes, along with suitcases, can once again come to the rescue for all these items.

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What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

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In the aftermath of this weekend’s #flooding in #Austin and the surrounding areas, many people, homeowners and renters alike, will have to file claims.  However, both renter’s and homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.  Read on foresurance’s run down of what renter’s insurance does and doesn’t cover.

In general renter’s insurance covers replacing or repairing your personal property after something happens in your #apartment that is considered a covered event, like a fire or burglary.  The average renter has about $20,000 in personal belongings in their home and is 25 percent more likely to be robbed than someone who owns a home.  Renter’s insurance also covers your belongings anywhere you take them in the world.

If a guest is injured in your apartment, renter’s insurance can provide liability coverage for legal costs.  There are different limits to this on different policies.  It also covers medical payments up to a prescribed limit if a guest or visitor is injured while in your home.

Renter’s insurance follows you and will cover any items you accidentally break or damage while at someone else’s home.  It will also cover additional living expenses if you have to stay in a hotel because of a covered event.

Most renter’s insurance considers the following events “covered events” (check your own policy to be sure):  fire or lightning, windstorm or hail, explosions, smoke, vandalism, theft, burglary, falling objects, weight of ice, snow or sleet, freezing and volcanic eruption.  Renter’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, but if a pipe bursts in your apartment and it damages your belongings, you would be covered.

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Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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Get a better night’s sleep with Apartment Therapy’s tips for a quicker trip to dream land.

Set your thermostat to 65 to 68 degrees to keep from waking up in the middle of the night hot and sweaty.

Do not eat within three hours of going to bed because it makes it difficult for your body to be able to sleep if it’s digesting.

Pillows should be replaced every one to three years to prevent the skin irritants and allergens that can be trapped inside them.  

Don’t keep a television in your bedroom because the noise and light they give off can inhibit your sleep.  

Extra weight can lead to sleep apnea, which can wake you up because you’ll have trouble breathing while you sleep.  By staying in shape and sticking to a healthy weight, you’ll avoid that.

If you create a bedtime routine and stick to it, your body and mind will wind down more quickly.

Finally, if your mattress isn’t comfortable, get a new one!  The power of a good mattress on your sleep can’t be overestimated.

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Habits of Productive People

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Want to be more productive and get more done?  Check out’s habits of super productive people and follow their lead to get more done in your life!

Designate a place for the things you need everyday like your keys, wallet, cell phone, and purse.  You’ve now just gotten back those five (or more!) frustrating minutes you used to spend looking for them everyday.

Very important people like Barack Obama don’t have extra time to spend on getting dressed, so he wears his version of a uniform, a black or navy suit, every single day.  Not quite ready to wear the same thing all the time?  Start small by wearing the same pair of shoes to work everyday, wearing the same outfit every Monday or cultivating your work wardrobe to consist of colors that coordinate so you can pick outfits quickly.

Productive workers don’t interrupt their thought processes by constantly checking their email, Twitter or Facebook.  They sit down and concentrate on work with no interruptions for 30 to 90 minutes at a time, then take a break and check their social media or take a walk around the office.

Multitasking doesn’t really work and productive people know this.  So when you’re trying to get something done, give it all your focus.  Along with this, choose wisely when to get the work done that requires a lot of thought and when to do the mindless tasks.  Pick your most alert time of day to focus on those big projects and do things that don’t require much concentration like answering emails when you are feeling more drained.

People who take care of business complete an activity before beginning a new one so they don’t wind up with a bunch of half-finished projects lying around.

Finally, these superstar producers have goals and take steps to reach those goals.  They set their goals, come up with realistic steps that will help them achieve them, and then get to work on reaching those goals.

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As North San Antonio grows, there is increasing concern about how close residential development is getting to Randolph Air Force Base, the San Antonio Business Journal reports.

North San Antonio is a popular area because of its highly rated school districts, proximity to shopping, shorter commute into San Antonio, and more affordable pricing.  However, Randolph Air Force Base has been there for a long time and some San Antonio City Council members are getting concerned about the base’s security as people move closer.

The Air Force has very sophisticated aircraft and needs to be able to keep acceptable crash and pilot bailout zones around the base.  Air Force officials have discussed buying real estate around the military installation to keep development from getting too close.

Wilshire Homes, which has several neighborhoods in the area, has seen its latest development, Rhine Valley, sell briskly.  It is just 4 miles from the base in Schertz on 140 acres and has nine floor plans ranging from 1,611 square feet to 3,090 square feet and starting at $250,000.

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The Domain continues to grow at a pace rivaling downtown.  The Austin Business Journal reports on the office, multifamily and retail under construction in the north Austin development.  

Restoration Hardware is constructing a 48,000 square foot, 4 story tall store in the Domain.  The project is likely to follow the “RH Gallery” concept the brand has rolled out in other cities.  RH Gallery stores have art collections, cafes and wine bars.

Endeavor Real Estate Group is also building several additions to the Domain, including Rock Rose, a 100,000 square feet retail development which will include East Side King, Salvation Pizza, Birds Barbershop, Viva Day Spa, Lavaca Street Bar-Turf N’ Surf Kitchen, Kung Fu Saloon, Acres Brew Coffee House, and more.  

Another project from Endeavor, working with Shorenstein Partners, is Domain 8, a 265,000 square foot office building on four acres.  The $45 million dollar, 11 story building is set to be LEED silver certified.

HPI Real Estate, also from Austin, is planning an 11 story office building with seven story parking garage.

Stonelake Capital is designing a large multifamily project called Flatiron District.  The $45.6 million dollar project will have 371 #apartments in 3 buildings at 11400 Burnet Road.

Finally, The Residence Inn at The Domain, by Marriott, will be 88,712 square feet and have 119 rooms.

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Reduce Moving Day Stress

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Moving is a difficult time for everyone in a family.  In fact, doctors say it is equal to divorce, death of a loved one, job loss and major illness as one of the most stressful life changes.  Moving soon?  Read on for Zillow’s advice on making the change easier for everyone.

Send your kids to a friend’s house and board your pet so you don’t have to worry about kids and pets underfoot.  Not only will it make things easier for you, it will reduce the worry for your smallest family members.

Make sure there’s room in front of your apartment or house for the moving truck, whether that means getting a permit from your city to save a parking space, talking to the people who live around you about making room on the big day, or holding the spot by parking your cars or friends’ cars in the space.

Make sure you set one box aside and pack it with all the things you’ll need as soon as you move into your new place.  Fill it with things like bedding, towels, toilet paper, toiletries, and at least one outfit for each family member.  You should also include any medications, toys for the kids, and bowls and food for any household pets.  Keep this box easily accessible.

Be sure you stay at your old house until everything has been removed.  That way you can double-check that everything get loaded out.

Finally, after your old home is empty, you’ll need to clean it out and you should also do a thorough cleaning of your new place.  Be sure you have all the cleaning supplies necessary set aside and ready to go, or just pay a maid to come in and do it to knock one more thing off your to-do list!

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Fun Father’s Day Activities in Austin

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Looking for something fun to do with Dad in #Austin this Sunday for #FathersDay?  There are a ton of options in our fair town, so put down that tie and get out there!

Does Dad love to play Pinball and video games?  Then take him to Pinballz Arcade (off 183 near Burnet Rd.) or Pinballz Kingdom (in Buda), and give him a bunch of quarters!  These indoor arcades are filled with hundred of games from the classic to the brand new, and include pinball and video games.  Pinballz Arcade is BYOB and Pinballz Kingdom has three bars and a restaurant.  

The Goodnight has food, drink, eight vintage bowling lanes, four custom billiard tables, two table-tennis counts, and shuffleboard, plus two private Karaoke rooms!  So basically, no matter what kind of fun Dad wants to get up to, you are covered at the Goodnight in Anderson Village.  Keep in mind, the Goodnight is 18 and up all day until 9pm and 21 and over after 9pm.

Speaking of bowling, Dart Bowl is an Austin institution.  However, it’s not just their lanes that they are famous for, their cafe gets rave reviews, especially for their enchiladas and burgers.  So tell Dad to lace up his bowling shoes and beat the heat at Dart Bowl!

Is Dad more the outdoorsy type?  How about a hike at the Barton Creek Greenbelt?  Word is the Twin Falls are beautiful and the creek is full of water after the recent rains, so now would be the perfect time to enjoy a hike and a swim.

Another outdoor option is to rent a kayak or canoe on Lady Bird Lake.  Zilker Boats and the Rowing Dock are two popular options.  

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Best Things to Buy in June to Save Money

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Retailers tend to put certain items on sale at different times of the year. Apartment Therapy has a round-up of what you should buy in June.

Patio furniture often goes on sale in the Summer because most people buy theirs early in the Spring.  The prices just get lower as the Summer goes on, so if you’re willing to wait, you can expect an even better deal.  Check out Crate and Barrel,Pier 1Target, and World Market for great furniture at a great price.

Indoor furniture also often goes on sale in the summer because retailers are making space for their new fall lines.  Again, prices will go down as the summer heads up, but you can start looking around now or finding things to keep your eyes on.  Check out West ElmWorld Market, and Target for deals on indoor furniture.

With Father’s Day coming up, tools are often on sale, but you don’t have to be a Dad to take advantage of the savings.  Check out your local hardware store, LowesHome Depot, and Amazon.

Dinnerware is often on sale this time of year just in time for wedding and graduation gifts.  Take advantage of the low prices to add to your dish collection or replace broken pieces.  Look at Macy’sJC Penney, and Overstock for dish deals.

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